Rent a car through Amber

An Amber hub has been opened at various Van der Valk locations in the Netherlands where all guests have the option to reserve a 100% electric Amber car. Current Amber drivers are also becoming more flexible in planning their trips due to the expansion and strategic location of the hubs. Check the Amber app for the exact locations.

What is Amber?
Amber is an innovative start-up from Eindhoven that offers guaranteed on-demand mobility through fully electric BMW i3s. Amber allows cars to be used more efficiently, reducing the number of cars and parking space required. In this way Amber helps to improve the quality of life in cities.

How can you register?
You can obtain more information and/or register via www.driveamber.com/vandervalk. For questions about registering, you can contact the Amber support department by telephone on +31 85 301 1513.

The steps you need to go through are:
• Register
• Download the app
• Sign Up

How do you reserve a car?
You can reserve a car via the Amber app. You indicate in the app when you want to go somewhere and place a reservation. Amber makes sure that a car is ready for you when you need it. Fifteen minutes before the start time of the reservation you will receive a notification in the app with the license plate of the car that has been assigned. The cars are ready in our parking space in the specially reserved parking spaces. The cars can be left at all public Amber hubs throughout the country.

What are the costs?
The use of a car costs € 0.25 per minute and parking costs € 0.10 per minute outside an Amber hub. Parking outside an Amber hub is free between 10 PM and 8 AM.