Kids activities

for our smallest guests

At Taurus World of Adventure you will experience various adventures for the whole family, such as the unique Adventure Golf, several laser tag arenas, bowling alleys, a game arcade, two unique roller coaster simulators and Prison Island! The largest in the south of the Netherlands! with no fewer than 21 cells, you will always receive different assignments!



Irrland has become Europe's biggest "farm-adventure oasis".
The 300,000 sqm area is an palm-lined, green oasis and exudes mediterranean holiday atmosphere.Over 1,000 seating protect you from sun and rain and are perfect for relaxing and enjoying. About 8,000 sqm of play and action barns, an indoor climbing world, play barns for small children, as well as the largest winter garden in North Rhine Westphalia makes the Irrland becomes an "all weather park".

experience museum

Mind Mystery

A house… upside down! Water flowing up? Get lost in your own reflection. Big and small merge in the Ames room, you can go crazy in Mind Mystery. Once upon a time, long ago, there was a man with a million ideas. He loved to create and build quirky objects. He had a passion for inventions and was always looking for solutions that were slightly different.


World Pavilion

Cultures meet in the World Pavilion, creating more understanding for each other's actions. This lays the foundation for better cooperation and communication in the neighbourhood, the region, the country and the world. Step into a real Fokker 50 JetSTAR, fly to another world and get to know the Central American country of Nicaragua and African Ghana. A super fun attraction for young and old!

theme park


Experience an unforgettable day filled with adventure in the amusement park Toverland. Many indoor and outdoor activities await you: high-speed roller coaster, water rides, The Funny Teacup Carousel or the magic spell house.

Water fun

Blaue Lagune

Just across the border in Germany is the beautiful "Blaue Lagune". Water sports enthusiasts can have fun here all day long. There is plenty to do for family and children. But the more experienced water sports enthusiast can also enjoy themselves here. How about wake-boarding, SUP and much more water fun.