Van der Valk Hotel Venlo has a luxurious and spacious beauty salon with several treatment rooms for single and duo treatments. The care products are from the Oolaboo brand.

Qualified beauticians are ready to pamper you. Let yourself be pampered with a full body massage or a facial treatment with the caring products of Oolaboo.

Reservations and prices
Reservations can be made via or contact one of our specialists directly via telephone number +31 (0)77-20 83 800. The prices mentioned below are only valid in combination with an overnight hotel stay. Guests without a hotel room reservation are also welcome and pay a surcharge of €5 per person.

Oolaboo | Linking inner & outer beauty
Oolaboo's skin improvement products, also known as nutricosmedicals, contain as many natural and active ingredients as possible that naturally occur in our food and that is a conscious choice. The more natural the ingredients, the better they are absorbed by the skin. Our skin recognises natural ingredients all too well.

Every Oolaboo product is developed with love, is dermatologically tested and smells great.


Foot wellness 35 minutes | € 47.50

During the foot wellness your feet will be pampered. Feet are often forgotten when they should actually be the centre of attention.

Beautifully cared for and rested feet make your day! This treatment provides rest and relaxation while at the same time we take wonderful care of your feet with natural products.

Hand wellness 35 minutes | € 47,50

Hands are an important part of care and speak for themselves. During the Hand Wellness, your hands will be pampered with an extensive treatment.

The hands will be taken care of down to the last detail in order to give your day just that little bit extra.

Relaxation massage 35 minutes | € 49.50 or 50 minutes | € 67.50

A 35-minute relaxation massage is a blessing for your body. During this massage, the entire back of the body is taken in hand. Through friction and various pressures, the tension and stress will disappear. Let your body and mind relax in 35 minutes.

Can also be booked as a duo treatment: 35 | € 99 - 50 | € 135

Sports massage 35 minutes | € 49.50 or 50 minutes | € 67.50

A 35-minute sports massage is a firm, stimulating massage that promotes muscle recovery. During this massage, the problem area is taken in hand. A sports massage is not only for athletes. Tiredness, stress and/or overloading can cause complaints in the muscles of anyone. A sports massage offers a solution.

This deep form of massage is aimed at optimally stimulating the blood flow in your muscles. This way, your body is able to get rid of waste substances from the muscle tissue faster. And your muscles are grateful for this. They recover faster and feel more supple. You feel fitter. A sports massage also helps to prevent injuries.

Hot Stone massage 35 minutes | € 57,50 or 50 minutes | € 77,50

A classic relaxation massage culminating in the application of warm basalt stones to relax your back muscles. The stones are placed on points that restore the balance between body and mind. Let your body and mind relax. An ideal treatment after a tired day.

Can also be booked as a duo treatment: 35 | € 115 - 50 | € 155

D-stress treatment 50 minutes | € 67.50

A unique combination of a relaxation massage and a beneficial facial treatment. Pure relaxation and pampering. With the D-stress treatment, your back and neck are massaged to make your muscles relax completely. After you have relaxed, the treatment is extended with a wonderfully nurturing facial consisting of a cleansing, facial massage and a day care. A delightful moment of double relaxation.

Goodbye redness treatment 50 minutes | € 67.50

The main focus during this treatment is to strongly nourish, repair, soothe and optimally protect the skin. This 'boost' treatment based on antioxidants offers effective protection against external, aggressive environmental influences that damage and weaken the skin every day.

During this treatment, you will receive a double soothing mask. Starting with a short but very beneficial massage using a soothing mask and ending with a cooling and redness reducing mask. The above Saveguard products are all 100% perfume free. Skin Conditions: suitable for rosacea, eczema & defenseless skin conditions and people with a perfume allergy.

Deep cleansing purifying treatment 50 minutes | € 67.50

This treatment brings the skin back into balance with the aim of purifying the skin, normalising the production of sebum and refining the pores by means of an astringent effect.

The skin undergoes a deep cleansing, impurities are manually removed and a deep cleansing clay mask with anti-inflammatory and anti-sebum properties is applied. The result is a clean, fresh, even and pure skin. During the working period of the mask you will also receive a short but effective massage based on shiatsu techniques. Skin Conditions: suitable for oily, blemished and acne prone skin.

Authentic Treatment 50 minutes | € 67.50

Suitable for all skin conditions. The authentic treatment gives you an ultimate feeling of exclusiveness. We work with specially selected products that suit your skin condition.

It starts with a special hand-washing ritual, based on an ancient Japanese tradition that symbolises a new beginning. The treatment includes a 2-phase facial massage. It starts with a Shiatsu pressure point massage, while using 100% natural blends of essential and plant oils, called essential cocktail, again specially selected for you, to intensively rejuvenate, purify or soften your skin. Followed by a relaxing massage of the face, décolleté, neck and shoulders.

The wonderful fragrance sensation, the effective massage handles and the most precious and intensive bioactive ingredients make your skin glow with new freshness. Skin conditions: suitable for all skin conditions.

Pamper me treatment 50 minutes | € 72,50

The key words for this unique treatment are: nourish, protect and experience. Let yourself be carried away by the holistic massage techniques from the West, East and Hawaii. The warm oil and Pampering Lomi Lomi massage are a blessing for your skin.

The skin is infused with nourishing, hydrating ingredients and a special mask made with Matcha tea for a fresh, healthy look. Skin Conditions: suitable for all skin conditions, specifically recommended for dry and dehydrated skin conditions

Truffle Indulgence De Luxe treatment 75 minutes | € 87,50

To experience the ultimate feeling of luxury, exclusivity and a fantastic anti-aging result, this treatment has been developed. After the surface and deep cleansing follows a 2-phase facial massage, Shiatsu pressure point massage followed by a relaxing facial massage.

Before applying the wonderfully scented Truffle mask, extra attention will be paid to your eyes through an anti-ageing eye treatment with moisturising & cooling eye pads. The treatment concludes with a specific pencil massage around the eyes.

The products used have an exclusive composition of white truffle, Swiss apple and argan stem cells, which have an anti-ageing and wrinkle-filling effect. Skin conditions: lines, sagging and mature skin conditions.