The team

We would like to introduce you to our staff at Valk Gym & OxyZen.

Moreno | Club Manager Valk Gym, personal trainer & physiotherapist
My name is Moreno Walda. In 2014 I graduated from the CIOS as Fitness and Health coordinator and sports masseur. After CIOS I immediately continued my studies to become a Physical Therapist which I also successfully completed in 2018. During my studies, I gained several years of work experience as a fitness instructor and in my last two years I made the switch to the position of personal trainer. Since graduating in 2018, I have combined my work as a Physical Therapist and Personal Trainer to date. In addition to my work, I completed the BGN Weight Consultant training in 2020 and guide people to achieve a sustainable improvement in diet and achieve a healthy weight. At the moment, I am taking the lifestyle coach course, which I hope to complete next year.

Valk Gym offers in an exclusive and small-scale setting a complete range for physical and mental intake and relaxation. Get out of your daily routine and take some time for yourself - we like to challenge you!

Tim | Ortho motion picture maker & personal trainer i.o.
My name is Tim Bruinen. In 2019 I finished the CIOS as an ortho movement instructor. With my current background in sports and exercise and the opportunity that was offered to me at Valk Gym I am working on my way to become a personal trainer since 2021.

At Valk Gym you can offer your clients the ultimate experience in the field of movement and relaxation. To excite and facilitate the customer to the last detail is my goal and was for me the trigger to grab this opportunity.



Kiki | Beautician
My name is Kiki Kersten and I am a qualified beautician. In my work as a beautician I pay attention to the inner person. I try to offer the client total relaxation and tranquillity during the treatment, by discussing their wishes in advance and adjusting the treatment accordingly.

Working at de Valk Gym gives me the opportunity to help set up a company and a vision, and to have my own input in the working method of our concept and the products we want to work with.
The guests that we receive are from the hotel and subscription holders of Valkgym, which allows us to keep it small-scale and personal, and allows me to offer the customers the ultimate experience.