Be surprised by the beauty of nature

Nature parks in the region

National Park

De Groote Peel

De Groote Peel National Park is a vast, wetland and quiet raised moor area that is best known for its many bird species and special history. Everywhere in the landscape the 'scars' of peat extraction in the past are still visible. The Groote Peel itself can be explored on foot, partly thanks to the bat bridges. All peeling areas can be admired all around by bicycle.

National Park

De Maasduinen

De Maasduinen National Park is unique because the longest river dune belt in the Netherlands is located in the area. These were created by an interplay of water, wind and people over the centuries. This has created a beautiful nature reserve.

Hiking area

The Maascorridor

Between Baarlo and Velden you can stroll along the Maas via one long natural ribbon through the urban area of Venlo. Sometimes only on the west side, but also regularly on both sides. It is urban nature at its best. It is the front or, if you prefer, the backyard of Venlo. But then one of many tens of hectares and one where everyone can walk freely.

Nature reserve

De Hamert Estate

An almost entirely continuous complex of dry heath, wet heath and fens forms the impressive De Hamert Estate. The dry heath is mainly located on the drifting dunes that occur naturally here, the parabolic dunes. The wet heath is adjacent to the fens. The months of August and September are, for many people, the period when the heather is at its most beautiful because of the massively flowering shrub heather, the heath type of the dry heathland.

Dragonfly Reserve

The Ravenvennen

In 2011, the Ravenvennen was given the status of 'Dragonfly Reserve' by De Vlinderstichting, the second largest in the Netherlands at the time. This does not say everything about this area, but it does indicate what the Ravenvennen is in any case very important for. The area of almost 400 hectares consists of several dozen fens surrounded by heath and dry coniferous and deciduous forest.

Nature reserve

The Groote Heide

The Groote Heide is located east of Venlo, bordering Germany. This area of more than 250 hectares has more in store than heath alone. Although the largest area is heathland, the presence of fields, barren grasslands and forest makes the area extremely varied and rich in plants and animals. Several hiking and cycling trails run through the area.

Nature reserve

The Zwart Water

The Zwart Water area is located on the south side of the Maasduinenketen. The bottom consists of a number of old Meuse beds from times long past. The Venkoelen in the middle of the area is the largest body of water and was created by peat bogs. It is surrounded by forest that was mainly planted from 1930 onwards. On the northeast side, the forest is interspersed with small but valuable grasslands.