Rent an E-chopper and discover the beautiful surroundings of Venlo. On the basis of our routes you will experience how much fun cycling is on the sturdy, noiseless E-chopper. Don't forget to get off the E-chopper along the way to enjoy the various regional products, such as dairy, fruit, mushrooms, blueberries and of course the asparagus. Also visit the fruit and dairy suppliers Van der Valk Hotel Venlo. Fruit farm Baarlo: www.fruitboerderij.com and Zuivel of today zuivelvannu.nl.

Conditions for E-chopper rental

  • It is important that the driver is in possession of a driver's license or moped certificate.
  • A maximum of 1 person can sit on the E-chopper and the maximum load is 120 kg (including luggage).
  • In case of damage, a violation or a collision, you immediately contact the owner.


Our E-choppers can only be booked in combination with an overnight stay. Would you like to reserve an E-chopper during your stay? Please contact our reception. They are happy to help you with any questions. For more information you can also contact our reception, they are ready for you: (0) 77 354 41 41