Van der Valk gift card

A surprising lovely gift: Van der Valk Giftcard

The Van der Valk Giftcard can be spent at any Van der Valk Hotel & Restaurant. Curious about surprising ideas? With the Van der Valk Giftcard, the choice is yours! How about a delicious dinner, luxury lodging, a sociable theater visit, a sportive weekend trip or one of the other surprising ideas you can find on this website?

Ordering a Van der Valk Giftcard

The gift card can be topped up to any desired amount between € 5,- and € 250,-. The balance on your card does not expire and can be spent in portions. The balance on the gift card cannot be redeemed for cash. 

Quickly and easily order the Van der Valk Giftcard through this website or at the front desk of one  of the other Van der Valk Hotels & Restaurants.

Order the Van der Valk Giftcard online

After you’ve placed your order, we’ll ship it to the specified address as soon as possible.

Activating a Van der Valk Giftcard

For security reasons, the Van der Valk Giftcard must be activated after receipt. Activating your card is simple. When you order a Valk Giftcard online you recieve a activation code. This will be sent 24 hours after ordering, to the e-mail address what the purchaser of the gift card has filled in. The activation code will be sent to the recipient by e-mail after the gift card handed over to the postal services (PostNL).  

Activate your gift card here

Checking your balance

Are you curious about the value of the Valk Giftcard?

Check your balance here


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