Breakfast XL

We welcome you every Sunday at our breakfast XL. We offer you this extended breakfast buffet until 12:00 AM.

We offer you an extended breakfast buffet in our recently refurbished restaurant. You can choose from various types of bread, croissants, luxury meat and cheese, confectionary, breakfast cereals, gingerbread, crackers, fresh fruit, egg dishes, various warm dishes, warm waffles and live cooking.

From the buffet you can have unlimited use of coffee, tea, water, milk, buttermilk, orange juice, apple juice, multivitamin, smoothies and sparkling wine.


The price of the breakfast XL is € 17,50 per person and € 8,75 for children from 5 untill 12 years old. Passers-by may use the breakfast buffet as well. 
Ask for our reward points. A full card will entitle you to a free breakfast.


Call with our reception for more information or to reserve a table: +31 77 354 41 41.