Hotel for trees

Hotel for Trees and Van der Valk hotel Venlo have joined forces. From 14 February, Van der Valk hotel Venlo will participate in the Hotel for Trees project.

The Hotels for Trees Foundation makes a concrete contribution to a greener hotel world. A hotel world where one new tree is planted for every day a guest chooses to skip room cleaning.

This green choice can be found on the Hotels for Trees website the very next day and makes a direct contribution to the afforestation projects of partner Trees for All at home and abroad.

How does it work?

Step 1:
Guests book a stay of several days at Van der Valk Hotel Venlo

Step 2:
During your stay you can hang the unique Hotels for Trees door hanger on the door handle of your room for one or more days.

Step 3:
We skip the room cleaning on these days and report the total number of rooms that have not been cleaned that same evening in the portal of Hotel for Trees.

Step 4:
Once the numbers have been entered, the tree made possible by the guest can be found together with all other trees in the report on the Hotel for Trees website.

More information can be found at: