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Together we make the "Van der Valk Hotel Venlo Cookbook 2022"

Not only our chefs can cook well and delicious, but so can you! We are going to put together a cookbook with the tastiest recipes from our colleagues.

Do you have a tasty and special recipe for the cookbook? Submit it using the form below.

The recipes may come from all different cuisines, please! From Indonesia to Spain, from Bulgaria to China or simply something delicious Dutch.

But also recipes for baking cookies or a delicious bread dough. Have fun.

Together we will make the "Van der Valk Hotel Venlo Cookbook 2022", full of everyone's delicious recipes. At the end of the year we will bundle all recipes into a Van der Valk Venlo cookbook!

Recipes can be submitted until October 10, 2022.

How does it work?
You can send your reception to:, or fill in the form below or put the recipe in the Valk4U letterbox in the canteen.

What information do we need?

  • What kind of dish is it? (starter, main course, salad, dessert, etc..)
  • Which cuisine does the dish come from?
  • How many people is the recipe for?
  • What is the preparation time?
  • What cooking/baking equipment do I need?
  • What are the ingredients?
  • What is the preparation of the dish?
  • And if you have a photo of the recipe, send it along too!

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