Renovation 2026

A completely new hotel tower was built from September 2019 to May 2021. View the complete report on the new construction here. The final project within the ‘master plan’ is that we will completely renovate the existing small hotel tower around the year 2026.

The renovation will include the following work:

  • installing a completely new external façade;
  • installing a ‘vertical farming’ over the entire height of the side of the building;
  • a completely new interior and bathrooms for 62 hotel rooms;
  • renewal of the heating and air-conditioning system;
  • a new stairwell;
  • a new lift.

Right now, behind the scenes, we are already hard at work on all the preparations. For instance, we are describing the requirements and facilities in the rooms, making structural calculations for the installation of a sustainable heating and cooling system and the designers are orientating themselves on the furnishing and styling of the whole.

In short: the start of another large-scale renovation, which will take place in or around the year 2026. Our social media and website will keep you informed of all developments.

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