Proud of our sponsor partners

For us, sponsorship is very important for several reasons. Firstly, sponsorship ensures the continued success and growth of the hotel and we support social interest and regional initiatives and charities.

Another advantage is the extensive network it brings. Sponsorship helps us attract new guests, generate business opportunities and increase the hotel's visibility.

Moreover, sponsorship contributes to corporate social responsibility. By partnering with organisations committed to sustainability, local communities or social responsibility, the hotel can enhance its reputation and create positive impact.

Finally, our sponsorships are an important contribution to our marketing efforts. By working together on joint marketing campaigns, events or promotions, both parties can benefit from increased visibility and exposure.

In short, we are proud of the companies and organisations we can and do sponsor. Through strategic cooperation, we strengthen our position in the market, create new business opportunities and provide our reputation.

This page will be updated from time to time with names of companies and initiatives we sponsor.

VVV Venlo

Without a past, there is no present. VVV-Venlo's past began on 7 February 1903 when a group of wise men founded a football club in Venlo: the Venlo Football Association. In 1966, the club was split into an amateur and a professional division: VVV'03 and FC VVV. In 2003, the official name became VVV-Venlo.

Meanwhile, we are more than a century after its foundation and we can still see how much impact the decision of those wise men of the time had and still has.

Over the years, a large number of well-known people have defended VVV's colours, on the pitch but also off it.

On you will find all information about the club, its footballers, its history, all its successes and, of course, recent news.


In 2003, on the initiative of Erik Schnock, one of the Venloop board members, 62 people from Venlo started training for the New York marathon in 2004. They were mainly novice runners who wanted to raise €42,195 for two good causes. In other words, one euro for every metre. A year of hard training, having fun together and suffering to train towards a marathon, THE marathon, creates a bond. So the experience in New York was also indelible. On the way back to the Netherlands, the idea arose that we should also have such a fantastic event with so much atmosphere and sportsmanship for so many people in Venlo. New York in miniature, in other words.

Shortly afterwards, Stichting Venloop was founded and preparations for a running event started. The original aim of Stichting Venloop was to promote running to a wide audience. This through a well-organised, atmospheric running event.

A few years later, a walking event was added and now the Venloop Foundation is an ‘umbrella’ of all kinds of activities, focusing on a healthy lifestyle through sport, exercise and healthy eating. All kinds of events are organised throughout the year, in the form of running races, walks, but also awareness days such as the VenloopKids afternoon and the Senior Day. Every target group is catered for, because after all, you experience the Venloop together!

Thus, the foundation manages to motivate people to an active and healthy lifestyle in a fun way throughout the year.

For more information on the Venloop, click here.

Hockey club Delta

Hockey club Delta Venlo has a history dating back to the year 1928 and was formed after a merger between three hockey clubs in the municipality of Venlo. With over 1,800 members, we are not only the largest hockey club in Limburg, but above all a cosy home for our members and spectators. Every week, around 70 youth and 30 senior teams compete for the highest honour.

Nowadays, it is a club where performance and conviviality go hand in hand and where sportsmanship and honour define the picture from day one. The association counts eight national titles. A result we are still very proud of.

Hockey club Delta Venlo has a flourishing and particularly active youth section that continues to grow. Every year, numerous activities are organised for young and old. The hockey complex at Sportpark Vrijenbroek (and temporarily also Sportpark Maassenhof) will be expanded with six hockey pitches and a brand-new clubhouse into the hockey stronghold of North Limburg in the coming years. A splendid complex where top hockey players, recreational players and sports lovers can all have a good time. Moreover, its central location between Tegelen, Venlo and Blerick and its good access roads make the complex easily accessible.

For more information about Hockeyclub Delta, click here.

Foundation Robur

With Van der Valk hotel Venlo, we are affiliated to the Robur Foundation - Companies for the Limburg Landscape. This is a membership of companies in Limburg that find a balance between economy and ecology important and attach great value to nature protection.

The name Robur is derived from the Latin name for pedunculate oak. It stands for durable and powerful.

Find out more about Stihting Robur here.

Performance Centre Venlo

Performance Centre Venlo's tasks are wide-ranging and all have the same goal: to further develop top athletes and talent to perform at their best. We do this by facilitating, supporting and guiding these athletes in an optimal environment close to home.

Performance Centre Venlo is a partnership between a growing number of sports associations with talent ambitions and Topsporttalentschool College den Hulster of OGVO. Together, we share one goal: to better facilitate sports talents on their way to the top.

Performance Centre Venlo also has an excellent facilities network and cooperates with expert partners. With extensive possibilities in the area of training facilities and support, together we ensure an optimal sports environment for athletes. There is also a very important role for the living environment of the talented athletes. Think of the parents/carers, the school and the trainers/coaches of the sports clubs.

For more information about Performance Centre Venlo, please click here.


VieAmi is a public benefit organisation, a so-called ANBI. Every year, ViaAmi funds a number of projects within the hospital for their patients. VieAmi also strives to keep attracting new donors. To this end, VieAmi also uses the networks of their more than 50 ambassadors. For some projects, VieAmi specifically seeks additional financial resources.

For more information about ViaAmi, click here.

Handball club Venlo Fortes

Cabooter HandbaL Venlo is a handball club that has its origins in 1965. At that time, HV Loreal was founded, which in its heyday grew into one of the largest handball clubs in the Netherlands. Since 2012, the club has gone by the name HandbaL Venlo, in which the capital ‘L’ refers to the former name Loreal. This was supplemented in season 2016-2017 by the name of our main sponsor; Cabooter Group. Since then, therefore, officially Cabooter HandbaL Venlo.

We are a vibrant handball association with approximately 350 members (of which approximately 200 are playing) and we are in full swing!!!

For more information on handball club Handbal Venlo Fortes, please click here.

SV Velden

Omni-club SV Velden was founded in 2003, first as a merger club of football club IVO and korfball club Swift.
From October 2010, the following were added to that association: volleyball club VC Velden, table tennis club VETA and badminton club Shuttle. Since the October 2012 AGM, the golf club has also joined as a division.

This makes SV Velden the (sports) meeting place of Velden. A varied range of sports is created for performance, recreational and passive sports practice and enjoyment. The club is accessible to young and old and has something to offer different target groups from early morning to late at night. Besides sports, it focuses on social issues and structural cooperation between the established (sports) associations and organisations and with various partners.

For more information, click here.


Tennis én Padel Club Venlo is an association with a rich history, but above all, a vibrant association. With some 1100 members and a park with 11 clay courts, 4 padel courts, a mini-mash court and a practice wall, we are one of the larger clubs in Venlo and the Limburg district of the KNLTB.

Above all, TPC Venlo is a club that offers its members a lot in terms of sportsmanship and conviviality. We focus on performance sports, but recreational players are equally important to us. Every year, more than 250 members take part in leagues, tournaments and other events are organised in addition to internal tennis and padel activities throughout the year.

For more information about Tennis and Padel club Venlo, click here.

Hendrix Stables

The foundation for the Hendrix family's thriving family business was laid by grandfather Hendrix. Both his sons, Paul and Emile, inherited his passion for horses and entrepreneurship. Meanwhile, the third generation is also fully at the helm at Stal Hendrix' businesses in Baarlo and Kessel. Both Emile's son Timothy and Paul's son Michel are successful at the highest level of the sport and have a knack for matching the right customer with the right horse. Stal Hendrix focuses on:

Trade - Stal Hendrix sells show jumpers to customers all over the world. Here, North America and Europe are the biggest markets.

Training - In particular, Emile, Timothy and Michel train riders from all over the world. Riders from countries like America, Canada, Finland and Sweden come to Limburg to get a better grasp of the craft.

Stallion stable - Since the end of 2012, Stal Hendrix' location in Kessel has a stallion stable. This allows the stallions to be trained in-house for the big sport, and to be available to breeders throughout the season.

Breeding - Paul Hendrix is a breeder at heart. Every year, about 25 foals are bred at Stal Hendrix and, in addition, foals - mainly from our own stallions - are purchased for breeding purposes.

Events - Every year, Stal Hendrix organises five events, all of which aim to give a boost to the province of Limburg as a horse province. From providing a sales platform to organising a national show with international allure.

For more information about Stal Hendrix look here.