Training & workshops

At Van der Valk, we think it is important that everyone can develop and grow. On this page you can read which training courses and workshops are offered.

For more information, see Discuss the courses with your manager and find out together what you would like to learn more about.

If we organise training courses or workshops ourselves, these will also be added to this page. It is then stated exactly for whom the training is intended and you can easily register via a form.

Valk Academy

Valk Academy is live! It is an online learning programme written especially for employees of Van der Valk Hotels. Participation is free and you can take all kinds of hospitality courses at your own pace. The courses are divided into themes.

You have received an e-mail from the company SVH Horecatalent to create an account. Did you not receive this e-mail? If so, please contact us at

Course offering
Once logged in, you will have access to your personal library with all kinds of courses you can take directly and online. Take a look at the offer and choose the course that appeals to you. Once a month, we check who created which courses and whether everyone still has enough course material in his or her library. Have you created all the courses? Then new courses will be added.

Together we keep raising the bar
Based on these core values, we would like to ask you to excite yourself and each other to take the courses. To get started, we would like to ask you to create the following two themes. These are:

  • Van der Valk - Venlo onboarding: Onboarding course
  • Van der Valk - General: course Food safety, sustainable business, dealing with undesirable behaviour, etc.

Questions and help
Need help or have a question? Then send an e-mail to Jeroen van Bennekom, Charlotte Lange or our new HR intern, Silke Smits will answer your question.

Lifelong learning
We wish you all lots of fun following all the courses and we hope you find the course content interesting. Do you have any wishes regarding the course content? Let us know and we will work on them. Good luck and let us know what you think every now and then.