A gift to stay

You all attended the presentation on our new vision and core values.
Here you can find the vision, core values and corresponding strategy map again.

Our vision is that our hotel is a gift to guests to stay. With a passionate and skilled team, we want to create an unforgettable and lasting stay for our guests. We make this happen by showing excellence in hospitality and excelling in personal attention for each guest.

We do not lose sight of social responsibility: the hotel is a place to learn and inspire and it is the learning place for schools.

Van der Valk Hotel Venlo is guided by a number of core values. These values are central to everything we do and what we promise our guests.

Our core values

  • We make everyone an ambassador
  • We prioritise personal attention
  • We take ownership of our work
  • We embrace sustainability
  • We raise the bar together

The core values shape the company: they are the values we stand for.

Vision and core values map